Customer experience management

It seems that we are back to the future: 2015 will be the year where discussions about Customer Experience Management will gain even more speed. A lot of companies are trying to push tools out to the space. They adress challenges of our new and modern world:

30 years ago, there were small local shops (in Germany so called “Tante Emma Laden”), they knew you as a customer and most of the time even your needs. They knew even your family and possibly have seen you growing and growing to an adult.

So, when you stepped in once a week, they were already prepared with your usual shopping list…and when it was sommer - they put some sun blocker on top. Possibly they remembered you’ve broken your sun glasses last sommer, asking you if you want to buy one. On the other days, they already prepared you the right news-paper. And when it was week-end, it was time for your favorite “Croissant”.

Nowadays this intense relationship to the customer got lost - and what do you do? You try to collect as much data as possible to gain insights of the customer: the feelings, the (actual) needs and even predictions what she/he might need in the future.

Tibco is placing the Engage Platform into the bet.