Kickstart BW5.12 Project

Kickstart BW5.12 Project

I have created the a small make file to speed up BusinessWorks Designer Project creation. Additionally it creates some sub-directories which helps keeping the project structure clean.

I will possibly update the make file, so be sure to subscribe to the git repo!


make project='somename' 

Here comes the make file (can be found in my GitHub repository). It takes an existing bw project stored in a (hidden) directory under .template and copies it to the target project name. It then replaces the name in some files and creates some additional sub-directories.

# Makefile 
# Created to speed up initialization of a TIBCO BW 5.12 project
# by Hannes Lehmann


ifdef PROJ
	@echo Creating skeleton for a new project called: $(project)
	@mkdir -p ${project}/Schemas 
	@mkdir -p ${project}/Processes
	@mkdir -p ${project}/Services
	@mkdir -p ${project}/Resources  
	@cp -R .template/* $(PROJ)
	@sed -i 's/1template1/${project}/g' ${project}/vcrepo.dat
	@sed -i 's/1template1/${project}/g' ${project}/defaultVars/defaultVars.substvar
	@echo Nothing done, try to pass an argument project=

	cd $(DESIGNER_BASE)/bin/ && $(DESIGNER_BASE)/bin/designer $(CURDIR)/$(PROJ)
	cd $(DIR)

What I do with this script is: run it for creating a new BW project. Before you can use it, either you:

Eventually I will add additional functionality to the script (possibly remove the dependency on the template project).

Best Practice for BW project structure

Create some folder insider your project collecting/grouping functions together. For example the Makefile above will create following directories:

This is only a recommendation and a really flat hierarchy. Avoid to create to many folders/subdirs as it should still be usable (remember: some OSses/Systems don’t like really long path names).