Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Hannes Lehmann and I live in Frankfurt, Germany. I work as IT Consultant/Architect (Tibco, products for enterprise integration) @ nterra - a leading consulting house for enterprise integration.

I design IT architectures and support teams in implementing solutions. Besides realizing proof of concepts for customers, other interesting parts of my job are quality management, requirements engineering and strategic IT management topics.

Whenever there is time, I like to play around with the Tibco products. I use my everyday’s daily business to evaluate products and processes which might be a benefit for our customers as well (e.g. integration of time reporting Harvest with Spotfire to analyse team workloads): the buzzword here is -> automate and integrate as much as possible!

Not only technology is a field of interest for me: as “Total Architecture” involves mainly people, I try to marry technology with approaches and best practices used by people on an everyday basis. Why should someone do the same steps over and over again if it could be automated?

I also evaluate interesting technologies and products, such as programming languages/methologies (e.g. NodeJS, Go, ZeroMQ, etc.), cloud computing solutions (Amazon Web Services, OpenShift) and e.g. automation: ecently I am playing around with automated provisioning and deplyoments (Docker, Tutum, Vagrant, Chef, Puppet).

Sometimes something strange happens to be implemented, like a NodeJS module to publish messages to the EMS :)

I would like to get feedback from you or start fruitful discussions about people and technology (see my contact information on the left side).